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The members of the IAS specialise in development consultancy and agency work in the industrial/distribution sectors. Annual membership costs £40 per person, your membership will apply for 12 months following your application being accepted.

To join, please complete the following form and click "Submit" and the membership secretary will register your details and will include you on the web site listing once payment has been made.

Data Protection Notice

The Industrial Agents Society exists purely for the benefit of its agent members, allowing them to engage with each other and share opportunities in the industrial sector. By completing the application to become a member of the Industrial Agents Society, you freely give your consent to and allow the Society to send emails to you on Society news and events. Fully-subscribed members are permitted to download the members list specifically for use relating to the industrial sector. Mailings to other members of the Society must be carried out selectively, by filtering the list of recipients according to the specified regions designated for this purpose. The sending of mass mailings to the entire membership of the Society is not permitted.

All members of the Industrial Agents Society subscribe to the same terms of membership, and therefore the above provisions apply equally to all members. Consequently, all members consent to your downloading their personal details from the members list and using those details to generate leads and potential clients for your business. Under no circumstances must members use the information contained in the members list for any other purpose. Compliance with these requirements will not give rise to any breach of current data protection legislation, including in particular the General Data Protection Regulation.

The members list is not sold or passed on to third parties outside the industry. However, you may from time to time receive mailings direct from agents, developers and funds who are not paid up members. The Society has not granted non-members access to the members list, and members must not pass any of the contents of the list to non-members for the benefit of their own businesses.

By ticking the box below you agree to these terms and conditions.

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