Welcome to the IAS Website

As with all websites, we hope that the IAS Website is reasonably self-explanatory and allows its users to navigate without too much assistance. Notwithstanding this, we would like to summarise below the features which the website comprises, which we trust will help:

Membership Section – your membership section is now password controlled allowing visibility of your details to other members only. Your account will now include the ability to incorporate a photo of yourself, as well as links to your Linked In and Twitter accounts. Your account will also include the ability to indicate the regions where you are active so that you are able to benefit from requirements posted in that area.

One of the biggest changes is the way you pay your subs. Due to the administrative burden of processing hundreds of different cheques and bank transfers, the IAS is bringing its payment system up to date and will now only allow payment via a credit or debit card, via the website. You can however pay for multiple colleagues from the same organisation. You will receive automatic reminders before your payment is due, and once paid, you will receive an email receipt, which can be used to recharge the amount from your organisation (where applicable).

Requirements – the biggest addition to the website is a requirements section, which allows members to send requirements via the website, a major benefit of which is that you will receive no out of office responses. In addition, as you will be able to select the regions where you are active and you will receive requirements in regions outside where you are based. Conversely you may receive more requirements which do not apply to you but this has been a delicate balancing act in which to tread. We have listened to many agents who would rather receive requirements that do not apply to them, rather than missing out on those that would.

Importantly the emails that you receive will have the requirement location and size within the title, as such you can simply delete the email if it doesn’t apply to you.

As always with a system, we welcome feedback as to whether we have achieved the correct balance.

Sending a requirement – when sending a requirement you will have the option to include the location that you are targeting and for it to be included on the email circulated to the relevant agents. You will also be asked to include the towns or counties within which your requirement relates e.g. if your requirement is for Northamptonshire and Warwickshire you would select both counties, or you would list all of the relevant towns within your search area.

For 'Send to Region' you will include those regions you would like your requirement to be sent.

Previous requirements section – the website logs all the requirements posted on the site, allowing you to search by date, agent, location and size. These will be listed in chronological order and should be a useful tool for marketing meetings and analysis where required.

News – the news section incorporates reviews of past IAS events as well as topical stories from within the industry. Please contact the IAS with relevant IAS and sector-relevant stories.

Suppliers List – the purpose of the Suppliers List is to including a lot more organisations from marketing companies, board contractors and event organisers in order for it to become a full list of supporting organisations to our sector. It is not an exhaustive list and I would ask all members to recommend providers in order that others can benefit. Please inform us on the contact us page.

Research – the research section will incorporate an array of different sector-specific research documents and articles, be they national or regional industrial features, or sub-sector research. I would urge you to send the IAS any relevant research or documents that you would consider relevant for the benefit of other.

Finally, you can now download the IAS membership list at any time from your membership area

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